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1. Information/Material Submission

The Client agrees to provide all necessary information and materials for the website design within 7 days of the project initiation date. Failure to provide these materials within the specified timeline may result in project delays and additional fees.

2. Website Designing Timeline

Upon receipt of the required details from the Client, the Project Manager will commence the website design process, aiming to complete it within 30 working days when the project manager approve receive all the details by client. The Client acknowledges that project timelines may vary based on project complexity, scope changes, and timely feedback provided by the Client.

3. Timeliness and Project Efficiency

Both parties acknowledge the importance of adhering to the specified timelines to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. Delays in providing necessary details or approvals may result in project postponement, with work resuming based on the Developer’s availability.

4. Communication Channels

The Project Manager agrees to maintain active communication with the Client throughout the website design and development process. A WhatsApp group will be created specifically for the project, facilitating easy communication between the Client and the development team.

5. Availability on WhatsApp Group

The Project Manager commits to being active on the WhatsApp group during regular business hours, Monday to Friday. This ensures seamless communication between the Client and the development team, allowing for timely updates on project progress, sharing of feedback, and addressing any queries or concerns.

5. Purpose of WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp group serves as a convenient platform for the Client and the development team to discuss project-related matters, share work status updates, and provide feedback promptly. Both parties agree to utilize this channel for efficient communication throughout the duration of the project.

6. Dedicated Project Manager

The Company Leads Sure assigns a dedicated project manager to oversee the progress of the Client’s project. The project manager serves as the primary point of contact for the Client, facilitating effective communication, coordinating tasks, and ensuring project milestones are met.

7. Regular Touchpoints

The Client agrees to maintain regular contact with the assigned project manager to discuss project updates, provide feedback, and address any project-related matters. The project manager will schedule periodic calls or meetings as necessary to keep the Client informed about the project’s progress and address any questions or concerns promptly.

8. Timely Communication

Both parties agree to respond promptly to communication initiated by the project manager during regular business hours, Monday to Friday. Timely responses ensure efficient collaboration, swift resolution of issues, and adherence to project timelines.

9. Collaborative Approach

The Project Manager and  Client acknowledge the importance of collaborative communication between the Client and the project manager. Open communication channels facilitate transparency, foster mutual understanding of project goals and expectations, and contribute to the successful delivery of the project.

10. Design Changes and Additional Charges

If the Client requests changes to the website design after initial concepts have been presented and work has commenced, the Company reserves the right to charge additional fees for such modifications. These fees will be communicated to the Client in writing and must be approved before any additional work is undertaken.

11. Approval of Design Concepts

The Client acknowledges that once design concepts have been approved and work has begun, any subsequent changes may incur additional charges. It is the Client’s responsibility to thoroughly review and provide feedback on design concepts during the approval process to minimize the need for revisions.

12. Scope of Design Revisions

Minor revisions, such as color adjustments or font changes, may be accommodated within the scope of the project at the discretion of the Developer. However, significant alterations to the design, layout, or functionality may require additional charges and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

13. Communication of Design Changes

The Client agrees to communicate any design change requests promptly and clearly to the Developer. Failure to provide timely and detailed feedback may result in project delays and additional charges for revisions.

14. Approval of Additional Charges

Before proceeding with any design changes that incur additional charges, the Developer will provide the Client with a detailed estimate of the cost implications. The Client must approve these additional charges in writing before any work commences on the requested revisions.

15. Payment for Design Revisions

Upon approval of additional charges for design revisions, the Client agrees to make payment in accordance with the payment terms outlined in the initial agreement. Failure to make timely payment for additional design work may result in project delays and suspension of services until payment is received.

16. Client Responsibility for Design Decisions

The Client acknowledges that they are ultimately responsible for design decisions made during the project. While the Developer will provide expertise and guidance, the final design choices rest with the Client. Therefore, any changes requested by the Client after initial approval may result in additional charges.

17. Priority and Project Hold

In the event of delays or failure to adhere to the specified timelines, the Developer reserves the right to prioritize other projects. Consequently, the Client’s project may be placed on hold until the necessary details and approvals are provided within acceptable time frames.

18: Approval Required Timeline

Once the website design is finalized, the Client agrees to review and provide approval within 7 days. This approval is necessary for the website to go live on Google and reach its intended audience promptly. Failure to provide timely approval may result in project delays and additional fees.

Last Updated: 01 April 2023